We work with brands, agencies and production companies from all over the world providing local production services and the best talents for all types of content projects.

Video is the most powerful tool when building narratives for brands. From creative concept to production, we work with the development of customized content projects for different brands and platforms.

Videos can also be an artistic, interactive and immersive expression.

We develop customized content for events, videoclips, artistic exhibitions and visual experiences.

The language of a video or photo is the key for a successful content.

We are specialists in photography direction, cameras and gimbals operation, in addition to selecting the ideal cinematographic equipment for each type of project.

We want to facilitate the practice of environmental education using a multidisciplinary approach.

We develop projects that combine educational information and entertainment, promoting more engagement and connection between the general audience and the Sustainable Development Goals.

bacco 162BACCO

Cinematographer and Camera Operator with 17 years of experience in Cinema, TV na Propaganda.

He started working in Recife and moved to Rio de Janeiro in 2007 as Jacques Cheuiche Assistant in many movies like “Revelando Sebastião Salgado”, “Uma Noite em 67”, including two by Eduardo Coutinho “Moscou” and “As canções”

Since 2010 has been working with Director of Photography Walter Carvalho in many projects as Focus Puller and Camera Operator for tv series like “Amores Roubados “(Globo), “O Canto da Sereia”(Globo), “Narcos”(Netflix) and movies like “Raul: O Início, o Fim e o Meio” e “O Filme da Minha Vida”. He shared the Photography in documentaries like “Quanto Tempo o Tempo Tem”(Netflix) e “À Queima Roupa “.

Bacco has photographed many clips, institutions and movies like “Estrada de sonhos” (Nominee for best cinematography in documentary ABC 2019)

His most recent works as camera operator were Vai que Cola 2: O Começo”(Globo Filmes), series “All or Nothing: Brazil Team”(Amazon Prime) and “Amor de Mãe”(Globo).

ABC associated since 2018, he is also a specialist moving camera rigs like Steadicam e Movipro.


I have been working with content and customized projects for brands for over 15 years. I started my career at Globosat in 2004, at GNT network, where I fell in love with the world of video content.

I was a Customized Project Manager at Turner Broadcasting in São Paulo, where I worked for 7 years developing sponsorship and branded content projects and formats for Cartoon Network, TNT, Warner Channel, CNN, Boomerang, Space and others.

Between 2013 and 2017 I worked on implementation of the NBA brand in Brazil. As a Director of Media Distribution and Marketing of the league, I was responsible for the relationship with media partners like ESPN, Sportv and others, managing all local content opportunities, co-branded activations and the broadcasting of games and events, in addition to plan and execute NBA marketing initiatives in the country (social media networks, local marketing campaigns and major league events in Brazil such as NBA Global Games Rio and NBA House at the Rio 2016 Olympics).

Since 2018 I’ve been working as a sales, creative development and / or production consultant in several content projects, such as the action series “Any Given Day” (two seasons on Space), the production of the documentary series “My Love” (Boardwalk Pictures – Netflix) and the production of the education series “What’s up, Teacher?” (Futura).

I have a bachelor degree in Marketing from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (2006), I’m a specialist in Branding (Northwest University in Chicago – 2012) and in Design For Sustainability (Gaia Education – 2018), a course held in partnership with Unesco focused on the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2020, I was part of the training “The Climate Reality Leadership Corps”, a global program to develop sustainable leaderships around the world.


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